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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

JAM (Just a Minute) Session Introduction - JAM Meaning

What is JAM?

JAM (Just a Minute) Session Introduction
Abbreviation of Just a minute is called as JAM. At present one of major round in some interviews. The jam session is design and organized by the Company recruitment board for the candidates who have attended for the Job interview.

Interviewers will have the chance to check the Talent and some of the skills of the Candidates by arranging the jam session, The main aspect is arranging in Jam round is to test all the skills of the applicant. Then the interviewer can check the applicant’s skills.

Sometimes an interviewer will give you to the jam topics another time interviewer will give a chance to select your own JAM Topic to talk in the JAM Session.

JAM Topics

Followings are the latest and general just a minute topics, Choose any one from latest topics for just a minute round and give your best in jam just a minute session.

- General Knowledge
- Time management
- Communication skills
- Self-confidence
- Spontaneity
- Spoken English & fluency
- The flow of thoughts & also the speech.
- Sense Of Humor
- Global warming
- Favorite color
- Favorite movie
- Impact of social networking sites
- Team work
- Customer service
- College days

What should Do and Should not Do in JAM session?

These things DO’s in JAM (just a minute) session

By following the below list, you can make your JAM session perfect. These are guidelines that you need to be followed while going to take the just a minute session in their Recruitment process.

- Don’t be nervous while presenting the Session.

- Put a smile on your face until your session is finished.

- Present the topic with brief details.

- Explain the just a minute Topic in simple and clear language.

- Give the presentation with Correct grammar.

- Convey in audible and clear voice

- Maintain the positive outlook.

- Choose the topic related to Social, Political, Economical, Legal/Language and Technical.

- Finish with the Thanking note.

These things Don’ts in JAM (just a minute) session

- Don’t present in Grammatical mistakes.
- Don’t be blabber and also don’t get nervous while participating in jam just a minute session.
- Don’t give too much gap for word and don’t take much time to express.
- Don’t give long pauses.
- Don’t beat the bush.
- Don’t use mother tongue in the middle of the topic. Try to maintain simple and clear English words.

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