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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

JAM Session Tips - How to Prepare JAM Session

JAM Session Tips - Prepare JAM Session

How to Prepare for JAM session
This post talk about JAM Session Tips and how to prepare for JAM Session. and You can practice to face JAM session.

Basically for Practicing, You can select some simple JAM Topics such as  Bike , Car etc and practice it for some time and also it is good to select the short speech topics.

You can discuss the just a minute topic with your friends, family etc and also practice in front of the Mirror.  After that, you can also notice your facial expressions.

Then, You can take the some of the good and essential topics such as current affairs or any other current political issues which were raised.

Then, You can check your grammar of the language as well as Spoken skills too. You can Daily practice minimum 10-20 topics per day.

There are things you can Do's which we have mentioned above. It is as follows.

Speak in simple English and present you selected topic in a straight manner.

Think in English, Daily watch English channels, Speak in English with others and make it a habit then after you will be Good in English and your communication skills.

Here, There are providing ideas which is help you to perform in minute speech sessions of just a minute topics (JAM Session).

- Being 10 years old again : 

If you have a chance to go back to your childhood days and begin your life within 10 years of age.

- Words of Wisdom : 

Talk about the best words of wisdom which you have experienced in your life and share how it helped to change your life story easy.

- Getting Published : 

If a published invited you to publish a book, what would be the title for your book?

- Starting a New Business : 

Nowadays Entrepreneurship is a boon, which is the opportunity to develop the business idea and business plan.

- Favorite food : 

Which is your favorite and best foods and the reason for like it.

- Most memorable meal : 

Describe the best meal you have experience with your lovable ones and what made it memorable to you.

- Stand Up and Speak : 

Speak on anyone topic on your choice.

- A second chance : 

What is that one thing you want to rewind and change your life?

- Before they were famous : 

Name any one of your idols and describe the story of them before they got famous and what are the qualities that made them famous today.

- Life As an Object : 

Describe life as if would the object.

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